Rajani Kantha (2013)

Directed by: Pradeep Raj
Starring: Duniya Vijay, Aindrita Ray, Rekha, Chikkanna, Bullet Prakash, Jaspher, Karibasavaiah

Rajani and Kantha (both played by Duniya Vijay) are two brothers who look the same, though Rajani is older. From childhood, Rajani had different sicknesses and also a speech problem for which he had an operation. But he is still not able to speak normally and so doesn’t have any friends. Their mother (Rekha) has a preference for Rajani and always thinks of his well-being. This irritates Kantha and as they grow up, the gap in the family increases. The two brothers study in the same class because Rekha feels that Kantha should be there as a support for Rajani to prevent him being bullied by his classmates. Rajani grows up to be a top student and also a poet and painter while Kantha keeps roaming around with his friends and has no interest in studies.

Aindrita travels in the same bus as Rajani and he slowly starts to like her. But she becomes friends with Kantha when he supports her during a poetry competition. Kantha lies to her that he’s a great poet to impress her. So now, the two brothers like the same girl. How will this work out and how will the divisions in the family progress forms the rest of the movie…