Rakshaka (2007)

Year: 2007
Directed by: Mandya Nagaraj
Starring: Sai Kumar, P S Bhanuprakash, Field Manju, Balaraj, Killer Venkatesh, Swastik Shankar, Rani, Sanjana

Sai Kumar is an ACP famous for arresting Veerappan for his many crimes. He is respected in the police force for finding solutions in impossible situations.

A group of friends are on a trip to Ooty. On the way near BR Hills, their car gets a puncture and they are not able to fix it. They decide to walk through the forest and enjoy the scenery while the driver goes to get it repaired. While walking they see a Minister come with his family to a guest house. The Minister is one of their uncles and so they decide to join him on an elephant spotting trip. Suddenly the Minister’s security guards from the guest house attack and shoot at them and kidnap his son. The friends try to chase them but they escape into the forest. The child has been kidnapped by a notorious smuggler Maran who has big plans for the Minister. When the local police arrive and are unable to find the missing child, the trump card of the Department, their ACP is called to the forest to provide assistance…