Raktha Kanneeru (2003) w.Subtitles

Directed by: Sadhu Kokila
Starring: Upendra, Ramya Krishnan, Abhirami, Jyothilakshmi, Kumar Bangarappa, Sadhu Kokila

Raktha Kanneeru is one of the best dialogue-movies in Kannada cinema.

Mohan (Upendra) is a rich man who has returned from abroad after making a lot of money. He comes to his small village and is contemptuous of everything and everybody. After experiencing different things around the world he has become arrogant and thinks he knows everything and has all the knowledge while the villagers are fools who don’t have the right to even speak to him.

None of the Indian traditions impress him and he is only interested now in women. Though he points out many mistakes existing in society, he does not ever think of the mistakes he is making and so goes through a lot of tragic events that change his outlook in life.