Rama Rama Re (2016) w.Subs

Year: 2016
Directed by: D Sathya Prakash
Starring: K Jayaram, Nataraj S Bhat, Dharmanna Kaduru, Bimbashree Ninasam Bhaskar Dev, M K Mata, Sridhar, , Radha Ramachandra

A notorious criminal Sandal Raja has been sentenced to death and is supposed to be executed soon. He has nightmares about his coming death and can’t bear to die and so makes a daring escape from the prison. He then goes on the run and bumps into a retired hangman who is well respected and who is himself on his way to teach new recruits about the techniques involved in hanging a man to death. They continue to travel together and are soon joined by a couple who are in love but are also running away from villagers angry with them for their inter-caste relationship.
Complications arise when it becomes clear who Sandal Raja is. Because of Raja’s escape from jail, the police have announced a Rs 10 lakh rupees reward for information about Raja’s whereabouts. This leads to further complications and the retired hangman fights his conscience to hand over Raja to the police as per law.