Rambha (2006)

Year: 2006
Directed by: B Ramamurthy
Starring: Chandrakanth, Nayanakrishna, Sandhyarani, Bank Janardhan, Tennis Krishna

Ramya is a young woman who is the only daughter of her parents who are very fond of her. She has been trying for many job interviews but hasn’t been able to land a job. One day, she applies at a company where Srikanth is the boss. During the interview, Srikanth can’t take his eyes off Ramya and hires her immediately in the position of Accounts assistant.

Ramya is excited about finally getting a job and visits the temple with her mother where she bumps into Srikanth again. Srikanth has been dreaming of her the whole day and tries very hard to impress Ramya’s mother who feels he is a decent man. After Ramya starts working at the office, Srikanth keeps calling her into his room under small excuses. Finally he can’t control himself and asks her to marry him and brings his parents for fixing the wedding. Srikanth’s parents have agreed to the wedding in keeping with Srikanth’s wishes but insist on holding it within a few days and at the Palace. Ramya’s parents are taken aback at the urgency but insist that they cannot afford to hold such a grand reception. Srikanth’s parents agree to let the wedding be conducted wherever possible but stick to their deman of conducting the marriage soon….