Rambo 2 (2018)

Year: 2018
Directed by: Anil Kumar
Starring: Sharan, Ashika Ranganath, Chikkanna, Ravi Shankar, Bhavana Rao, Tabla Nani, Sadhu Kokila, Kuri Pratap, Jahangir. Spl Appearance: Aindrita Ray, Shubha Poonja. Voice of Ganesha: Ganesh

Krishna is the only son of his parents and has been spoilt by his father from a young age who always agreed to all of his demands. Krishna gets bored easily and believes in having variety in life. When Krishna demanded to his father that they should move out of Bengaluru, he agreed. After living in many cities, Krishna now runs a garage in Goa. He has always been a big follower of Ganesha and goes to the temple for one final boon from Ganesha – to find him a girl who also has variety things to offer him. Ganesha has become tired of Krishna and so agrees for this request and presents Mayuri (Ashika) but Krishna misses her when he turns around and mistakes another girl. After some confusions they finally meet and decide to go on a road trip together to understand each other and test if they get bored. On the way, they run into some troubles and are chased by a dangerous stranger.

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