Ranganayaki (1981) w.Subtitles


Directed by: Puttanna Kanagal
Starring: Aarathi, Ambareesh, Ramakrishna, Ashok
Spl Appearance: Sudharani (as child artiste)

Ranganayaki is one of the most famous Kannada movies and was very daring for the subject matter it handled in the 1980s.

Shammanna owns a drama company and lives with his adopted children Ranganayaki and Ramanna. Ranganayaki’s mother was a theater actress who died early and since her father was a cruel person, Shamanna brought her up as his own daughter. Ramanna was an abandoned child whom Shamanna found and also took care of.

Now Ranganayaki and Ramanna act in the drama company and Ranganayaki is very famous as an actress. When she gets married, she retires from acting. But from here Ranganayaki’s life faces lots of ups and downs and tragedies…