Rangbirangi (2018)

Year: 2018
Directed by: Mallikarjun Mutthalageri
Starring: Tanvi Rao, Sreejith, Panchu, Shreyas, Charan Subbaiah, Kuri Prathap

Rangbirangi is a romance movie set in a colony and college campus. The main characters are 4 young men and a girl Deepa (Tanvi Rao) who has come from Davanagere to continue her studies after her father got a transfer. She stays with her aunt and cousin brother. In the same colony her neighbor always has fights with her aunt. This neighbor lady’s brother-in-law is Deepu who is studying in the same college. He likes to loaf around with his friends and sees Deepa and immediately likes her and starts following her. In the same colony lives a talented mechanic Bashir who works in his father’s garage and is respected by the local bikers for his modification skills. Vishal is a loverboy studying in college who keeps changing girlfriends regularly. There is also one more character – a studious college boy who lives his whole day following a strict timetable. All these characters at different times see Deepa and like her and think that they will get her. Ther est of this romance movie is about their attempts to win her affection and how Deepa reacts to them.