RX Soori (2015)

Year: 2015
Directed by: Sreejay
Starring: Duniya Vijay, Akankshaa, Ravi Shankar, Prashanth Siddi, Sadhu Kokila, Vinaya Prasad, Adi Lokesh, Bullet Prakash, Avinash

Suri (Vijay) has a gang and is a notorious gangster. His main rival is Tiger (Ravi Shankar). They keep having fights with each other though Suri is more well known and feared. This irritates Tiger and he is always lookign for a way to finish off Suri.

Suri is liked in his area. His childhood friend Meera is in love with him and keeps praying to God that he should love her back. But Suri is not interested and advises her to study well and find an educated man. Eventually he gets convinced by her and agrees to ask her mother for permission to marry her. Meera’s mother likes Suri but doesn’t want her daughter to marry a gangster. However her opinion changes when Suri finds Meera’s younger brother when he had been missing for a few days.

One day all of Suri’s gang members are arrested and beaten by the police and paraded through their area. They are accused of doing something that no one in the area can believe they did. Flashbacks tell the story of what happened and also about how Suri and Tiger’s rivalry started.