Sangliyana (1988) w.Subtitles

Year: 1988
Directed by: P. Nanjundappa
Starring: Shankar Nag, Ambareesh, Bhavya, Tara, Devaraj, Srinath, Vajramuni, Master Manjunath, Disco Shanti, Doddanna

Sangliyana is the first movie in the 3 part movie series.

Devaraj and his MLA father (Vajramuni) terrorize the people of their town. They are involved in lot of illegal activities like land-grabbing and smuggling. If anyone dares to speak against them they are severely punished either by their goondas or by Devaraj’s elder brother who is like Kumbhakarna. The only person who raises a voice against them is the editor of the local newspaper. His father had helped Vajramuni when he was roaming on the streets as a child and so Vajramuni tolerates him. But when the newspaper threatens to publish a story about Devaraj assaulting a reporter’s wife, they break the editor’s legs. The police are also in their pockets.

In the meantime, Rowdy Rama (Shankar Nag) is a clever criminal who impresses Devaraj with his fighting skill. Devaraj tries to make him part of his gang but Rama refuses and instead decides to stay with Master Manjunath and his mother (Tara) who has become mad after her husband was killed by Devaraj’s gang. Rama is so powerful that even the local rowdies start giving him their collections. In response to the terrible criminal situation in the area, Srinath who is the head of Police decides to take action and sends his best SP Sangliyana (Ambareesh) there.