Sankalpa (1973) w.Subtitles


Directed by: P V Nanjaraja Urs
Starring: Anant Nag, C R Simha, Bindu Jayadev, Saroja, Vishwanatha Shastry

In Anant Nag’s debut film Sankalpa, he stars as Dr Raju, an educated man who has no belief in God. Raju practices psychiatry and is a hypnotist. His wife Gowri also is an atheist. Raju doesn’t care about others feelings about God and openly shows his contempt while Gowri tries to respect the traditions and feelings of religious people.

One day a forest officer who tried to commit suicide comes to Raju for help. The officer was stationed in Bandipur and had a neighboring 10 year old girl who fell in love with him. The officer also had feelings for her though he tried to fight it because she was a child. Finally when he felt he cannot escape his feelings, he decided to get a transfer. The young girl was upset and ran away into the forest and was eaten by wild animals. Raju uses his hypnotism skills to remove suicidal thoughts from the officer and also puts the blame on the young girl.

Meanwhile, a respected Baba visits Raju’s father’s house and seeing a photo of Gowri says that she has a special glow. He asks the old man to conduct a ceremony to help Gowri realize her special place. Gowri and Raju hear this and decide to have some fun and pretend that Gowri is a devi…