Satya Harishchandra (2017)

Year: 2017
Directed by: Dayal Padmanabhan
Starring: Sharan, Chikkanna, Sanchita Padukone,Bhavana Rao

Satya Harishchandra (Sharan) is the opposite of his name and lives in a village. He lies for everything so that he can get out of an troubling situation. However, this character of lying irritates all the villagers and one day they take a decisiont hat the next time he is caught lying, he and his mother will be thrown out forever from the village. Satya gets into trouble because of his lying habit after he makes up some lies about a girl he only saw in a facebook photo. When he is forced to confess his lie, he ends up going in search of the girl to cover up his lie. But the problem is that the girl lives in Munich, Germany and he has never stepped out of his village. There are more complications when another girl in Germany has also come there looking for someone she had seen online…