Seetharama Kalyana (2019)


Directed by: A Harsha
Starring: Nikhil Kumar, Rachita Ram, Sharath Kumar, Ravi Shankar, Chikkanna, Madhoo, Girija Lokesh, Bhagyashree, Sanjay Kapoor

Arya (Nikhil) is the son of a construction business owner Shankar (Sharath Kumar). Arya is also involved in his father’s business and the two are very close to each other. Geetha (Rachita Ram) lives in a village with her family. Her father Narasimahaiah (Ravishankar) is very fond of her and even manipulates her marks to make sure she passes with a first class. Geetha’s mother (Madhoo) is not happy with this and wants her daughter to learn to be independent without her father’s help.

Arya and Geetha meet at a common relative’s wedding and Arya immediately likes her. Soon after this, Geetha’s mother forces her to go to Bengaluru to study in a college so that she can experience a different world from her village. In the city, Arya and Geetha meet again…