Shankar IPS (2010) w.Subs

Year: 2010
Directed by: M. S. Ramesh
Starring: Duniya Vijay, Ragini Dwivedi, Catherine Tresa, Rangayana Raghu, Vinaya Prasad, Avinash

ACP Shankar (Vijay) hates rapists and men who attack women and does not think twice before killing them. He follows his own rules and has his own system of justice. This brings him lot of enemies.

A live band dancer is one day kidnapped and raped for three days. When she escapes and goes to the police station to complain, she realizes that the cops are friends with her rapist. Soon, the rapist is attacked and killed by Shankar. A police meeting is held to discuss the killings of many rapists in the city and they get to know about a secret place called the Darbar Hall. Whenever a woman faces rape or harassment from powerful men she can’t complain against, she goes to the Darbar Hall for justice. There the woman is supposed to narrate her story and soon justice is delivered.

Soon, the Police realize that Shankar is the person carrying out the killings with the help of Ashwini (Ragini Dwivedi). Though he has been suspended from service, he still hasn’t stopped his own system of justice. How did Shankar become the killer of rapists forms the rest of the plot.