Shivani (2008)

Year: 2008
Directed by: Vishal Raj
Starring: Suraj, Shivani, Komal Kumar, Anilkumar, Avinash, Thulasi, Vanitha Vasu, Chithra Shenoy,

Story:A murder has happened and the police have taken some youths into custody. The press has come to the police station because it is a high profile case. Despite thrashing the suspects, they are not revealing anything. The main suspect is Vijay.

We see in flashback Vijay being a do-gooder in Vinayaka colony, Bengaluru. He is helpful to everyone and all his neighbors rely on him for some help or the other. Shivani also lives in the same colony and likes Vijay. She is fun-loving and likes to play pranks on everybody in the colony and especially likes to irritate Vijay. On Shivani’s birthday she and Vijay go to the temple where they meet his sister-in-law. It turns out that Vijay has fought with his elder brother and left home despite having a good relation with his sister-in-law. Though she pleads with him to return, he refuses and goes away. What is Vijay’s brother’s role? How did Vijay who was known to all his neighbors and friends as a good kind person get suspected as a criminal. The rest of the movie explains all these questions…