Siliconn City (2017)

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Year: 2017
Directed by: Murali Gurappa
Starring: Srinagar Kitty, Chikkanna, Suraj Gowda, Kavya Shetty, Ashok, Thulasi, Ekta Rathod

Siliconn City starts with Sanjay (Kitty) and his friend Ravish (Chikkanna) beating a man who is tied up. They make him confess to the murders of a mother and daughter and record it on camera and inform the local ACP. But before killing him, they have made got information and contacts about gold smuggling from him. They collect a pile of gold on his behalf and prepare to sell it. But how did they end up in this type of a situation. The story is told in flashback where Sanjay is the Creative Head of an Ad studio. Ravish also works there and Sanjay is in love with Prerana (Kavya Shetty) who is a designer there.

At home, Sanjay has a happy family an lives with his parents and younger brother (Karthik) who is studying in college. Their aprents 30th wedding anniversary is coming up and Sanjay has saved up 25,000 for the celebrations. Meanwhile, Karthik’s girlfriend Ekta is putting pressure on him to improve his lifestyle and buy a bike. Karthik uses the opportunity to ask for a bike and Sanjay agrees to take a loan from his company. From such a simple thing about a bike, the situation becomes uncontrollable and Sanjay finds his happy family life torn apart.