Srikanta (2017)

Year: 2017
Directed by: Manju Swaraj
Starring: Shiva Rajkumar, Vijay Raghavendra, Chandini Sreedharan, Guru Dutt, Achyuth Kumar, H. G. Dattatreya, Bullet Prakash

Srikanta (Shiva Rajkumar) has a small gang and does work for MLA Devaraja. With elections up coming, Devaraja is busy making corrupt deals with industrialists. His PA (Achyuth Kumar) advises him not to do it but is treated arrogantly by Devaraja. The PA feels insulted and plans to teach him a lesson. He becomes friends with a social worker who helps people in his area without publicity and is very popular. Achyuth approaches him and convinces him to stand in the elections against Devaraja. Meanwhile Srikanta is also hurt by Devaraja after he insults Srikanta when he comes for Ganesha habba collections.

Vijay Raghavendra is a sports journalist who got married one year back and is traveling to meet his wife in Agumbe. Due to strikes against the government which is facing many scandals, he is not able to get any transport. He meets Srikanta at a tea stall and asks him for a drop. The two start talking on the journey and telling each other their about their life stories and love relationships. Srikanta has a different way of looking at life and initially Vijay thinks he is little crazy and a bad person. But slowly he learns the story of Srikanta’s life.