Sundara Kanye (2000)

Year: 2000
Directed by: AN Mohan
Starring: Bank Janardhan, Ratnakar, Somu, Bhagyashree, Veena

Janardhan is a businessman who lives with his wife and daughter Meena. The couple are always quarreling over small issues but they support each other over the one big sadness in their life – their daughter being born blind. Meena tries to live her life normally and doesn’t like her parents reminding her of her disability.

One day, a young man arrives at Janardhan’s house and introduces himself as Ramu, Janardhan’s nephew. Janardhan hasn’t been in touch with his sister and Ramu tells him that his parents are poor and can’t afford to educate him any further. He requests his uncle to support him until he gets a job. Though Janardhan’s wife is unhappy with the new guest, he gives Ramu some money for his fees and asks him to stay with them. Ramu and Meena become friends and she encourages him to not worry about his fees and study as further as he can.

In the meantime, a notorious serial killer has been terrorizing different places in the state. He targets single women and the police have not been able to get any clues about him. Who is this serial killer and why did he become a killer? How will Meena and Ramu’s relationship develop further?