Super (2010)

Year: 2010
Directed by: Upendra
Starring: Upendra, Nayantara, Sadhu Kokila, Tulip Joshi, Narrator: Yogaraj Bhat

Written and directed by Upendra, Super was released without a title and only the ‘super’ symbol. Continuing in the tradition of Upendra films, Super also has lots of twists and turns and a confusing story.

Upendra is SC Gandhi (Subhash Chandra Gandhi), the rich CEO of a London-based company. He meets Nayantara who is very traditional and so attracts him. However, she has some secret plans of revenge because she believes he is responsible for the problems facing her sister (Tulip Joshi). Finally she challenges him to go to India and live like a common man without his wealth. When he comes to India he is shocked by the problems people face and decides to change the State of Karnataka and the whole country. There are lots of typical Upendra scenes as he becomes the Chief Minister and turns everything upside down.

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