Thayiye Nanna Devaru (1985)

Year: 1985
Directed by: Vijay
Starring: Shankar Nag, Tiger Prabhakar, Jayanthi, Pallavi, Mukyamanthri Chandru, N S Rao, Janaki

Kariyanna is the richest man in his village. He makes money by lending money to everyone and charging huge interest rates. When the poor villagers are not able to pay the monthly interest he confiscates their cows and properties. He is helped by his cunning assistant Gubbanna. The two play their game together well so that Kariyanna acts like a kind man in front of the villagers while Gubbanna acts like the villain whom everyone is scared of.

Vasantha is the daughter of a former devadasi and has come back to the village after finishing her studies. She teaches dance to the children in the village when Kariyanna spots her and tells Gubbanna to get her for him. Meanwhile Kariyanna has his eyes on an orphanage which is being run by Shekhar’s (Shankar Nag) mother. Kariyanna has taken money from a businessman to give the orphanage land for an alcohol manufacturing plant.

Gubbanna and his rowdies try to take Vasantha by force but they are prevented by Shekhar who has just returned after completing his studies. Angry about the failure of his earlier plan, Gubbanna makes a plan to ruin Vasantha’s reputation…