The Terrorist (2018)

Year: 2018
Directed by: P.C. Shekar
Starring: Ragini Dwivedi, Girish Shivanna, Keerthi Bhanu, Krishna Hebbale

Reshma (Ragini) is a young woman living with her younger sister Asma who is a college student. Reshma works in a star hotel and dedicates her life to making sure she and her sister’s lives are simple but filled with happiness. She is in love with a friend and hopes to get married but wants to delay the marriage until Asma is settled. When her boyfriend tells her that his parents are not agreeing to their marriage because of Reshma’s family having a bad name, she is hurt but recovers soon and joins back to work.

Reshma drops Asma to her college and is about to start working at the hotel, when she gets a call telling her that Asma has been kidnapped. The kidnapper gives video proof of this and tells Reshma she has to follow all his instructions correctly if she wants her sister to be returned without being harmed. Desperate for her sister’s safety Reshma agrees, but soon she finds herself getting involved in big issues which have consequences especially because she is a young Muslim woman.