Tony (2013)

Year: 2013
Directed by: Jayatheertha
Starring: Srinagar Kitty, Aindrita Ray, Dileep Raj

Keshu, a young man is inspired by a motivational speaker Anthony Robbins who gives lectures on life and making quick money. So he is also known by the nickname Tony. One morning, Tony wakes up lying on the pavement near Majestic Bus Stand. He orders a tea but realizes he doesn not have any money or anything else in his shirt and pants except a letter. The letter is from a stranger and gives him a deadline of 6 pm and says that all of Tony’s items including his phone, wallet and credit cards are with him. The letter also threatens Tony that his girlfriend Pammi has also been kidnapped by the stranger and Tony has to do some jobs till evening and if he is successful he will get Pammi back and can go back to his old life. His first task is to take a bus using the bus pass in his pocket. Tony hurries in the bus to the location but reaches a few minutes late. He is worried about the consequences but suddenly realizes a phone has been put into his pocket while he was in the bus and it is ringing. It is the stranger. Initially, Tony is angry and starts threatening the stranger. The stranger laughs at him and gives Tony details of the past few days of his life which makes Tony realize his new boss is serious and scary. He apologizes and agrees to do whatever he is asked to do till evening to get Pammi back. The stranger orders him to start running….