Tora Tora (2017) w.Subs

Year: 2017
Directed by: Harsh Gowda
Starring: Siddu Mulimani, Sanath, Nataraj L, Gagan Godgal, Anirudha Vedanthi, Saniha Yadav, Pooja Raju

Tora Tora is a science fiction movie about time travel.

A group of fun-loving college students are part of a club in college. While they’re enjoying themselves they accidentally spoil the remote control of the air conditioner. Simultaneously, they also come across a time machine and are fascinated by the idea and what all they can do. Their current worry is about the remote control, so they decide to use the time machine, go back in time and get the working remote control. However they make some mistakes which leads to complications and funny situations because of time travel. They also soon learn that time travel is not a simple thing and can result in strange scenes.