Trunk (2018)


Directed by: Rishika Sharma
Starring: Nihal, Vaishali Deepak, Sundarashree Gubbi, Aruna Balaraj, Anand Nagarkar, Ridhi Rao

A ghost hunter team are investigating paranormal activities in a house and have the most shocking experience ever. This leaves them disturbed and they narrate the incident.

Rahul is a young lecturer in a college. After his father’s death, he lives alone with his mother and they are happy together. He is a big fan of horror movies and keeps watching them late in the night though his mother keeps advising him to stop. One day he starts getting scary dreams that upset him and he tells a close friend about it. The friend advises Rahul to forget about it as he will be getting married soon to Harini.

Harini is a TV serial actress who dreams of becoming a big star. While shooting for a show, she meets Rahul and the two become friends and start dating each other. Despite Harini’s mother’s objections, they eventually get married and Harini moves into Rahul’s house and brings an old trunk with her.

One night, Harini and Rahul think they hear some noise and start observing strange things happening in the house….