U Turn (2016) w.Subs


Directed by: Pawan Kumar
Starring: Shraddha Srinath, Roger Narayan, Radhika Chetan, Skanda Ashok

Shraddha Srinath plays Rachana, a young journalist work for The Indian Express newspaper. Her parents want her to get married but she defies them and is determined to be a journalist. While riding her bike on a flyover she notices that some bike riders remove the median’s stones to take an easy U Turn.

She decides to write a story about this and takes the help of an old street dweller who lives on the flyover. Every day when any bike rider removes the turn and takes a U Turn, the old man notes down their number plate and gives it to Rachana. Rachana then finds out their addresses and goes to visit them one by one at their homes to ask them about their behavior. But soon she gets drawn into a murder mystery when the people she goes to visit are found dead and the police suspect her for killing them. An inspector (Roger Narayan) believes she is innocent and decides to help her to solve the mystery of the murders.