Umesh (2013)


Directed by: Ashok Kumar R
Starring: Jithendra Joe Simon, Niloofer Dahmver, Viola Mathew, Joe Simon, Vishwanath

Umesh is based on the real life serial killer Umesh Reddy.

Umesh is a serial killer who rapes and kills women. He follows women and stands outside their houses waiting for the correct time to strike. He is also attracted to women’s clothes and likes to wear them after killing his victims. But finally his luck runs out when the police are able to arrest him as he is coming out of a barber shop.

While Umesh is in jail, a couple of students from an American University meet the police officer handling the case. One of them Sapna is a Kannadiga student of Sociology while her friend Samantha is an American student of Criminology who plans to join the FBI. They are interested in studying Umesh’s case and want to write a paper on it and request permission to interview him to get more details…