Vanilla (2018)

Directed by: Jayatheertha
Starring: Avinash, Swathi Konde

Vanilla is a mystery thriller about an unknown substance ‘Vanilla that is related to mysterious addictions and deaths in the city.

A college lecturer Lavanya is worried about the connection between ‘Vanilla’ and addictions in the college. She submits a file containing her observations to the Head and goes missing that night. Lavanya’s boyfriend’s sister Anu has recently moved to the city and is about to complete her environmental science degree. While walking one day, Anu bumps into Avi who is an engineer who has also just finished his education.

Avi recognizes Anu as his childhood friend who had moved to another town when they were young. The two old friends are excited to meet each other and promise to meet the next day. But when Avi goes to meet Anu, he finds her standing next to a dead body on a bridge and in a state of shock….