Vardhana (2017)

Year: 2017
Directed by: S K Nagendra Urs
Starring: Harsha, Neha Patil, Chikkanna, Padmaja Rao, Shobhraj

Two powerful rowdies Bala and Dingraja have a huge rivalry and they control real estate deals. Both are always trying to get each others clients and won’t stop at anything. In the middle of this is Harsha who works for a finance company and lives with his mother leading a normal decent life. His mother has the habit of taking upvasa and one day she feels dizzy while at the temple. As she is about to fall she is helped by Neha and her friends. The girls take her home and make sure she is ok. This impresses her and she suddenly asks Neha to marry her son. Neha is surprised and though she always has quick witted replies she doesn’t have an answer. Finally she agrees to meet Harsha and a meeting is set up at a restaurant. When Harsha describes his normal boring lifestyle, Neha is not impressed and tells him she likes rowdies. Harsha then tells her that he is actually a rowdy and pretending to be a decent fellow to make his mother happy. Later, he goes to meet his friend, Chikkanna who is a budding film director and requests him to think of some way in which he can convince Neha that he is actually a rowdy. The friends come up with a plan and call Neha to join them when they’re making their next deal….