Vimukthi (2010) w.Subtitles


Directed by: P Sheshadri
Starring: Bhavana Ramanna, Ramakrishna, Hoda, Baby Sanya Iyer, Aravind G, Venkat Rao

Keshava Rao is a famous painter who lives with his daughter Madhavi (Bhavana) and her husband. Madhavi likes her father a lot and is obsessed with his paintings and wants all his attention to be only on her. This makes her distant from her husband Vibhin who works in an office. Whenever Vibhin tries to be close to Madhavi she moves away instead preferring to spend time with her father and his paintings.

One day a woman Nava comes from Iran searching for Keshava and requests him to teach her his style. Nava says she has been traveling around India especially Karnataka and has been trying to learn the local styles and culture. Though Keshava is reluctant to take on a student at his age, Nava keeps pleading with him and he finally agrees. This makes Madhavi feel insecure and she tries to convince her father not to give his attentions and time to Nava…