Vishnuvardhana (2011) w.Subtitles

Year: 2011
Directed by: P. Kumar
Starring: Sudeep, Bhavana, Priyamani, Sonu Sood, Jayaram Karthik, Dwarakish

This film was produced by Dwarakish as a dedication to his friend, Vishnuvardhan.

Vishnuvardhana (Sudeep) is the son of an ironing man but spends his time with his friends and watching Vishnuvardhan movies. He is a big fan of his boss and knows all his dialogues and scenes. One day his friend who is also an astrologer tells him his good time has started. Vishnu believes this and refuses to take over his father’s ironing business thinking he has a better future. At the same time while delivering the laundry to a rich man’s house he sees his daughter Bhavana. When he finds out her name is Bharati he thinks she is destined to be his wife. He finds out that Bharati is supposed to get married to a wealthy doctor and is going to meet him at this hospital for the first time. Vishnu quickly hurries there and pretends to be a doctor and impresses Bharati. While he is coming out, he has a small fight with the rowdies of a notorious gangster Adishesha (Sonu Sood) who are then arrested by his uncle. Adishesha is angry and comes to the station to release his boys but accidentally loses his mobile phone there. Vishnu sees it and takes it and from here a full thriller begins as Adishesha is desperate to recover his mobile phone.

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