www.Bhaya.com (2009)

Year: 2009
Directed by: Vemagal Jaganathrao
Starring: Santhosh, Madhusagar, Vikram Soori, Sunitha Shetty, Roshani, Meghana

Friends Technologies is headed by Prashanth and the company is into mainly photography and digital work in the fashion and advertisement industry. All the employees are young and they enjoy their work together. One of their projects requires them to shoot at a beach. After finishing the shoot, on the return journey, Rajeev who is driving suddenly starts acting strange when he passes through a village. He insists on leaving the main road and driving through a mud road despite the friends advising him not to. Soon they reach an abandoned place with some old buildings and decide to explore the area since they have anyway come there. They take a few photographs and return back to their office but there is a feeling of fear in all of them because of a few strange things that happen there.

The next day when Prashanth switches on his computer, he sees images and videos of the old building inside the computer and suddenly finds himself inside the image. This scary experience happens to others and the friends find that their computers and other electronic devices have started acting strangely…