Yaare Koogadali (2012)

Year: 2012
Directed by: Samuthirakani
Starring: Puneeth Rajkumar, Bhavana, Sindhu Lokanath, Niveditha, Yogesh, Achyuth Kumar, Ravi Shankar, Sadhu Kokila

A remake of the Tamil film Poraali, Yaare Koogadali was directed by the original director.

Puneeth and Yogesh play patients in an asylum who escape one night and end up in Sadhu Kokila’s house in a strange and funny situation. They end up staying with him and soon get a job at a gas station. Here, Puneeth’s friendly and helpful nature makes everyone around like him. He also begins a relationship with Bhavana his neighbor.

However, his past is uncertain and the reasons behind him ending up in the asylum, are also uncertain. There are also a number of people who seem to be looking out for him with revenge in their hearts. All these questions are answered when Puneeth and Yogesh decide to start their own business and Sadhu puts an advertisement about their work along with their photos. This brings back all their past enemies and friends.