Yaksha (2010)


Directed by: Ramesh R Bhagavat
Starring: Yogesh, Nana Patekar, Ruby Parihar, Atul Kulkarni, Komal Kumar, Kishore, Sharanya, Master Hirannayya, Petrol Prasanna, Karibasavaiah

Poonja (Atul Kulkarni) is a don in the city and also very popular among the public. TV channels and magazines regularly interview him to understand the mind of a don.

Yaksha (Yogesh) is studying in college but not interested in studies. He spends all his time reading novels about rowdyism and watching interviews with rowdies. His favorite don is Poonja and he has become obsessed with meeting Poonja and working with him. His brother and mother keep advising him to concentrate on studies instead but he doesn’t care.

In college he meets new student Ruby who has just moved to the city with her family. They soon become close. One day, Yaksha meets Poonja on the road and impresses him with a magic trick. Poonja is a big fan of magic and so notices Yaksha’s skill. Slowly Yaksha gets close to Poonja to join his gang and rise up. But what is the reason for Yaksha’s obsession with Poonja and rowdyism…